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What is gold leaf made of? The gold leaf is produced by hammering bars of pure gold into very thin foil sheets. What is the process of gold leaf application? The foil sheets are then cut to the appropriate size and shape to create the gold leaf sheets which are skilfully assembled by hand into a beautifully framed art piece. The layers of gold leaf sheets create a three-dimensional structure which gives the art an amazingly life-like feel. These pieces are produced by specialist Artisans in Vietnam in highly limited quantities due to the remarkable skill and length of time required to create each piece of art.

We offer a range of luxury gold leaf wall art, paintings and home decor. You can shop the collection here.

All of the pieces in the MT Gold Art Collection include a Certificate of Authenticity from the laboratory in Taiwan where they are tested, proving the purity of the 24 Carat gold leaf in the artwork.